Mixed Grill, The Roasters Way!

Written by Luke Blogger

May 31, 2019

“Gotta save room for the mixed grill,” a character says in Jonathan Franzen’s 2001 novel.

Given the diversity of delicious grillables available, it’s puzzling how unidimensional outdoor cooking has become in Kenya. Instead of “Love All, Serve All,” menu planning has narrowed toward an either/or proposition: steaks or chops. Ribs or salmon. Chicken or pork.

We’ve come up with a special grill dubbed “Roasters Mixed Grill Platter” which can consist of either Chicken, Pork or Pork, Goat Ribs or Goat Ribs, Chicken along side Kachumbari and some starch.

We introduced this meal earlier last week and as at today, It has become a popular choice over other dishes and we’ll add more as time goes by.

This meal is favorable between friends who have swang by for lunch or an impromptu visit in their business or meeting and goes well with your favorite drink.

If you know you cannot handle a full plate, well, this dish can serve up-to 3 people. Which makes it good for families, friends and colleagues.


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